New Makeup Bag

Well, after using the same makeup bag for over two years, the time has finally come where I've found it necessary to get a new one.  I found this Textured Faux Leather Makeup Bag at Forever 21, and since my last one - the burgundy one with gold studs on it - was from there, I figured I'd try there again.  To be perfectly honest, I really wanted something like my last one, which is probably what drew me to this one.  It's that faux leather again, roughly the same size and shape, but there are a few differences.

Obviously, this one is white, whereas my other was deep red.  While I actually do love the color of this one, I'm a little worried about it getting dirty quickly.  It seems like that could be an issue, but at $6.90, it's probably not that big of a gamble.  It also has a rose gold zipper, which is a bit more modern.  It doesn't exactly fit with my color scheme, which is an odd thing to say, since I really like mixing golds and silvers for a mixed metal look.  This is just adding another touch of metal.

As of right now, it is a bit stiff, and I've been trying to remember if my other one was when I got it.  Being that I used it for so long, I kind of wonder if it was like a pair of shoes that you've broken in to the point where they're just so comfortable.  If that's the case, I hope this bag gets broken in, soon!  I like a little flexibility to my makeup bags. :)

Honestly, I really do like this bag, and I think it will do nicely.  It's not a fancy designer bag, but I don't think having a ton of designer stuff is necessary.  Since we're on the subject, if I ever do start going overboard with designer stuff, please call me out on it!  Anyway, I've said this many times, I think Forever 21 is where it's at with the makeup bags.  They're cheap, and in my experience, they actually last quite a while, so they're worth it!

To wrap up, I'd love to know what you think of this little bag, but I also would love to know if there are other things at Forever 21 that are staples in your wardrobe, or if there are places you can get deals for your favorite things!  I honestly think I learn more from you guys than I could ever experience myself!