DIY Three Pearl Necklace

I don't know what it was, but I got this necklace idea stuck in my head recently, and no matter how much I told myself I didn't need another necklace, it kept coming back.  So, I finally caved and made it.  I'm actually surprised how much I love it!  Sure, it's a pretty simple little thing, but I thought it might be fun to show you guys how I made it today.

All you need are some pearls, a length of chain with clasps and jump rings to match, and an eye pin that also matches the color of your chain.

First, slip three pearls onto your eye pin.

Then, make a loop, similar to the other side of the eye pin, and cut excess wire with a wire cutter.

Cut two 11 1/2" lengths of chain, and secure them to the pearl charm via the loop you just made and the eye loop.

Attach the clasp to one end of the chain via a jump ring.

Link several jump rings together to form a chain, then attach this chain to the other side of the necklace.

There you go!  You're all finished with this relatively simple jewelry project.  While I do think this is a fairly simple project, if you are a bit intimidated, I'd love for you to check out the Quick and Easy DIY Floral Necklace I shared a while back.  As the title implies, it is a very easy project, and definitely a good one for those of you that may be new into making your own jewelry.

As always, I'd love to know what you thought of this project, so make sure to let me know in the comment section below!  I always love to see your creations, so please share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!  I hope you're having an amazing day, and I'll talk to you again soon!