Ralph Lauren Riding Boots

If you guys saw my Capsule Wardrobe Retirees post from a while back, you'll know that I was looking for a new pair of riding boots, since they're essentially all I wear in the fall/winter.  Well, I finally found a pair!  These are the Maritza boots by Ralph Lauren, and I found them on Amazon.  The silhouette on these is very similar to the ones I had from Target last year, but they feel a bit sleeker to me.

Rather than edgier details like bulky buckles and zippers, these instead have simple, sturdy golden buckles with the 'Lauren' name stamped on them, and a really pretty pleated strap towards the toe that looks rather feminine.  I'm definitely going for a warmer, cozier look this year that still looks nice and polished, so these will fit right in!  Speaking of my fashion choices for this season, make sure to follow me on YouTube if you are curious about my capsule wardrobe for this next season.  I'm hoping to get a video on that particular topic up next week.

I'm definitely still breaking them in, so they're not the most comfortable pair of shoes I've owned, yet.  But, I'm one of those people that will wear my boots to the point of destruction, so they've all gotten to that super comfortable point at one time or another.  I imagine the same will be true of these.  Other than being a bit stiff, though, I find that they are true to size, though many of the other reviews I've read claimed they were half a size too big, so I really couldn't tell you which way to go on that, but being from a climate that gets rather cold, I wouldn't care too much if they were a little big.  That would just mean I could wear thicker socks!

As I've mentioned, I absolutely love the way these look, and can't wait for them to get broken in.  So, to speed up this process, I'll be wearing them every single day until they're comfortable.  I have a decently high pain tolerance, so even if they give me blisters (which I have felt a little on the backs of my ankles), I can work through that easy.

I am getting so excited for these colder months with each step I take to complete my fall capsule wardrobe!  Joe and I have some really fun things coming up this winter (I think - I don't want to talk about it yet, just in case that jinxes things, though...).  So, if you're interested in what these things are, make sure to follow this blog and my YouTube channel, vlog channel, etc.!  I've been posting all over the place, and would love to share them with you!