GlamGlow Youth Mud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment

I love face masks, and how they tend to make my skin feel afterward.  Unfortunately, I am also one of those people that tends to forget to actually use my face masks.  I suppose in a way it could be a good thing, because I don't often purchase them, but I digress.  I'd received a sample of the GlamGlow Youth Mud Tinge Exfoliate Treatment a while ago, and loved it so much that I decided to pick up a full size.  

It's primary ingredients are French Sea Clay to help absorb impurities and toxic substances while leaving essential natural oils and minimizing pore size, Volcanic Pumice Rock to provide multi-level surface exfoliation to clear dead skin cells, smooth out fine lines and soften the skin's texture, and Green Tea Leaf Pieces to help deliver fresh Super Squalene, EGCG super antioxidants, and Polypenols into the mud from real pieces of tea leaf (information from Sephora).

Now, I've mentioned before that I really should get myself a bit more familiar with the ingredients in the items I'm putting on my face, but they sound quite nice, and my skin feels so soft, smooth, and even after using it!  However, I would like to point out that, as the name implies, it is one of those products that do tingle a bit, which can be really hard on people that have sensitive skin.  I know a lot of people that can't go near anything with 'tingle' in the name, and believe me: this one tingles.  After I wash it off, I have to apply moisturizer immediately or I feel like my skin is going to fall off, but it's worth it for me.  I just don't think it's suited to skin that's much more sensitive.

Speaking of different skin types, and how this may work, I have had some minor breakouts on my forehead that I've been dealing with, and this in conjunction with another makeup product I plan on talking about soon has really helped calm my skin down, and I have read other reviews that have essentially said the same thing about acne-prone skin.  I imagine the fact that it's a bit drying helps in this particular case - just make sure to moisturize afterward and only use it 2-3 times a week, as I think it could be easily overdone.

The product itself is definitely a clay consistency - sort of slimy while at the same time gritty, and feels like it should be absolutely disgusting to put on your face.  But, the scent is a lovely, luxurious, herbal one that it really transforms the entire experience.  I do find that the bits of tea leaf are a bit large, and would have preferred them to be broken up a bit more, as when the mask is drying, they have a tendency to just fall off, which can be a bit annoying, and I will say that it is quite expensive for the amount you get.  For me, I think it's worth it, but I hesitate to recommend it to just anyone due to how differently it seems to react to different skin types and the fact that it may be out of some price ranges.  Either way, I hope this little review has helped, and you guys are smart - you'll know if it's right for you or not! :)