DIY Monogram Bracelet

 It's time for a DIY!  This blog may start looking more and more like a DIY style blog, but those of you here for the makeup needn't worry.  There will be more makeup reviews and such on the way!  As for now, I wanted to share with you a little fashion project that I've been wearing quite a bit recently (if you watch my vlog from yesterday, you may have seen it!): it's a monogram bracelet!

Now, Joe and I have been married almost a year next month, and I'm still in the new-bride phase of "Monogram all the things!".  I imagine some of you may be, too!  Or, maybe you want to use your own first initial - either way, I think this bracelet has turned out beautifully, and I wanted to show you guys how to make it. 

You'll Need:
  • Some 18 guage wire in your choice of color
  • A Pair of round nose pliers (preferably wax coated to prevent knicks)
  • A Wire Cutter
  • An initial to use as a pattern
  • E6000 glue or similar

The pattern was probably one of the more difficult items to come up with, but I have included a copy of the one I worked off down below that you can print out if you happen to also want a bracelet with a 'B'!  Otherwise, it can serve as a guide to determine how large to make your letter.

Click for full size

Then, using a round nose pliers, follow this pattern with your wire until your letter is complete, and trim off any excess wire with the wire cutters.  For the actual bracelet itself, I essentially copied the length of the other piece of my pattern, folded the wire in half, and twisted it until it looked the way I wanted.  Then, I added a couple tiny little loops at the very end to make sure there weren't any sharp ends that would cut into my skin.  This is easier to see in a picture further down this post.

Finally, I shaped the bracelet using a bottle to get a nice, round shape, then pressed down on it to give it a slight oblong, cuff shape.  All that was left from that point was to glue my initial onto the bracelet by dabbing a bit of E6000 onto the center of the bracelet, and pressing the letter into the glue.  I allowed this to dry while gently resting against the olive oil bottle pictured below so that it would dry at a 90° angle.

I really have been loving my little monogram bracelet, and I hope you guys like it, too!  If you try making one of your own, please send me pictures on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, wherever you guys want to talk to me!  Also, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!