Sorrelli Kaleidoscope Ring

I recently picked up my first piece of jewelry from Sorrelli, and I love it so much that I had to tell you about it!  Granted, I already introduced you to it in my July Favorites video, but now you can get a better look.  Anyway, let's start with a little story.  So, back in late June, I came across this photo, and fell in love with the ring in it - don't even ask how I found the picture.  That's a story in and of itself.  I then posted the picture on my Facebook page, asking if anyone knew where I could find something similar.  After much searching, I found this:

Yeah, I know it's not perfect, but honestly, I think I may like it even better!  So, this is the Kaleidoscope Ring from Sorrelli in Desert Sun.  It comes in a variety of colors, but the large, off-white opaque stone that makes up the center of this ring was exactly what I was looking for, and the tiny blush rhinestones around the edge just make it that much prettier!  It also has this pretty scroll detailing on the sides that make it look almost antique, and gives it a certain amount of elegance that I absolutely love!

Another bonus is that this ring actually feels incredibly well made.  The stones don't move at all, the band, while adjustable, is quite sturdy, and it is a heavy duty ring.  I mean it.  It's kind of heavy.  To be honest, this is actually a good thing for me because I'm not exactly the most graceful person you've ever met, and I'm sure if you look carefully in my photos and videos, you'll see random scratches and bruises from me either running into walls, playing with my rambunctious cat, or who knows what - I did fall down our stairs once or twice, but if you've seen our stairs I'm sure you can understand that one!

Honestly, the one thing that I found slightly ridiculous was the way this ring came packaged.  Now, I'm all for feeling like a princess, or that it's my birthday when I'm opening a package.  That does kind of speak to me.  However, when you're essentially recreating that scene in Love Actually where Professor Snape is buying a necklace for his mistress and Mr. Bean is packaging it absolutely outrageously - you know the scene (if not, watch it here) - it's a little overkill to say the least.  I'm not that fancy.

Anyway, the point of this post is essentially just to show you how gorgeous this ring is and give you an up close and personal look at why I love it so much!  Honestly, I love all the jewelry in the Desert Sun collection, and if I had just a little less self restraint, I think my jewelry box would currently be overflowing.  Maybe in the future I'll get more, but for now I'll be satisfied with this beauty!