Roma Kawa Coffee

I'm sure by now you know that I love to support businesses from Minnesota.  I'm not saying that everything I get is homegrown or anything, but I just get really excited when I get to talk about something from around here.  I also really like coffee.  So, when we found out about a coffee roaster nearby, Joe and I couldn't resist trying them out, and I think we may have found a new favorite!

The roaster is Roma Kawa from Bagley, Minnesota, and they are absolutely amazing!  To start with, let me share their mission statement with you:

"Our driving purpose and passion at Roma Kawa (kava) is the pursuit of a better cup of coffee.  Ours is the kind of coffee that you dream of right before bed.  The morning comes and you're ready for that wonderful aroma, flavor and those savory sips.  Or perhaps it's the afternoon and you need a special cup of coffee that actually makes you stop and relax.  To capture that special coffee experience and make it real, Roma Kawa starts with the best quality coffee beans from around the world.  Next we FRESH roast your coffee with great detail, precision, and care.  The roasting process really is a craft that we can manipulate to produce astounding coffee."

Doesn't that sound incredible on it's own?!?  But here's the thing I really want to hit home with you guys.  There is a reason that the word FRESH is capitalized the way it is in their statement.  We ordered this online, and Roma Kawa roasts it the day they get the order and sends it via Spee-Dee Delivery, so we got our coffee the next business day!  For ordering online, how much fresher can it get?

So, we've actually tried a couple of different coffees so far, and our favorite is the Columbian.  It just has such a nice, rich flavor that I thought was similar to the Original Caribou beans, but somehow better.  I think once our Caribou beans are gone, we may be switching to this one for a while.  Plus, there's an added bonus: a portion of proceeds from this coffee are donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society to help the endangered Spectacled Bear of Columbia.  Now, maybe I've been living under a rock, but I'd never heard of the spectacled bear, so I looked it up and if you don't know what it is, I would suggest doing the same.  They are the coolest looking animals!

Seriously, I'm not sure how much better this coffee could get: it tastes amazing, it's super fresh, roasted in Minnesota, and it helps out endangered wildlife.  If you haven't heard of this company before, I would highly recommend checking their site out.  It really is awesome.  Click here to be directed to their website!  By the way, I am by no means affiliated with this company.  I just think it's awesome.