Oakley Splash Sunglasses

So, I've been wanting a new pair on sunglasses for quite a while, but I just couldn't justify the purchase, particularly since I've been trying really hard to minimize the amount of things I own, and I had a perfectly fine pair.  However, a couple weeks ago, we went on a little weekend vacation, and I lost them.  I promise it wasn't an intentional thing!  There was a baby involved, and I was playing with it, and the sunglasses were just simply forgotten.  So, when I got home, I decided to order my very first pair of Oakley sunglasses!

Though there are a ton that look absolutely amazing, I did finally decide on the Splash sunglasses with brown gradient lenses and a polished black frame.  I know, basic, but that's what I love!  Plus, I really wanted something that would be fashionable for everyday wear but not too extravagant that I wouldn't be able to wear them while exercising (Yes, I am most definitely still on my fitness kick!).  So far, these have been perfect for me.  I feel like an Old Hollywood starlet when I wear them out and about (modern-day Holly Golightly, maybe?), but they're also so lightweight that I barely notice them while I'm running!

Honestly, I absolutely love them, and even though they were a bit more expensive, I definitely think they've been worth it so far.  However, if I had the track record I had back in high school with sunglasses, these would not have made sense.  I've since become much more responsible, and my last pair - which I have already admitted to losing - I'd had for over a year!  Not too bad, right?  Plus, I've really only recently started purging my things, which has made keeping track of everything much more manageable, so it'll just get keep getting easier to hold on to these bad boys, right?

Point being, I love them.  I think they've been an amazing replacement, and I'm still really excited to have them.  They're exactly what I was looking for, and hopefully I'll have them for quite a while!  As always, I'd love to hear from you guys!  What sunglasses have you been wearing/loving?  What is your track record with sunglasses?  Do you lose them?  Do you break them?  Are you responsible?  I'd love to know, so please leave your answers in the comment section below!


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