Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince

Unless you've heard of this lipstick before, I'm going to take a guess that you're thinking: 'Man, I know this girl loves fairytales, but buying a green lipstick - she must have gone off her rocker!'  Not that there's anything wrong with green lipstick mind you, but for those of you that have been around here for a while, you know I have a tendency to play it safe, and wearing a green lipstick would most likely be in outer space when it comes to my comfort zone.

 This is different, though!  Rather than coming off as bright green, it actually *magically* turns a light, glossy pink before darkening into a rosy, your lips but better color!  Yes, I admit that it's slightly gimicky, but I honestly love this pink shade, and I really do love my fairytales. ;)

I've been wearing it a ton, recently, and I think every time I put it on I fall in love with it even more.  Yes, I totally bought it because it changes color, I'm not even going to pretend that wasn't the driving force behind this purchase, but I keep wearing it because I love the pink it gives my lips, and it feels incredibly hydrating when I'm applying it.  About the only negative thing I have to say about it is that when it does start to fade, your lips do tend to get a little darker towards the inside of your mouth compared to the rest of your lips, creating kind of an ombre effect that could be cool, but I'm not really  a fan.

The packaging is really pretty, and I love how the pink contrasts with the green, and sneakily shows what color the lipstick really is.  Seriously, compare the picture above with the lipstick tube below - they're essentially the same color.  I also thought the box it came in was absolutely gorgeous, and I'm showing it to you guys as much for your benefit as for mine - I'm not sure I could bear throwing it without at least a picture!  The castle and reclining frog - it's like they ripped a page out of a book!

As I've said, I've really been enjoying this lipstick, and don't be surprised if I pull it out for an upcoming makeup tutorial or something!  It's truly been my go-to, and has been so easy to use.  Not to mention, it's been so much fun to introduce other people to this lipstick, especially considering how much I like my neutrals!  I'm curious, though, what do you think of this lipstick?  Have you tried it before?  Let me know in the comment section below!