Capsule Wardrobe Retirees

Back when I started my capsule wardrobe, I knew that I would wear items out.  Really, that's kind of the point of the whole thing - to get use out of the items you own.  But, sometimes it's still hard to let go of your favorite things.  So, to make it easier on myself, I decided to write this post as a kind of tribute to a couple of shoes that I've lived in so much that a normal fashion girl probably would have gotten rid of them ages ago.

The first is a pair of matte black Tieks that have been everywhere with me.  They saw me through my job change two years ago, they came with when Joe and I were looking at wedding venues, then again when we went to London on our honeymoon - they were my favorite pair of flats for the longest time.  But, I finally had to replace them with a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins when the toe on one shoe completely wore out.  Honestly, I love my moccasins so much, and I think they'll be perfect for fall and winter, but come next spring and summer, I'm not going to rule out a repurchase of these.

If you've been following me for some time, you may also recognize the next pair I'm going to talk about.  They're a pair of cheap riding boots from Target that I lived in during the fall and winter months, and tried to carry over into summer for my morning walks (those walks have since turned into runs...).  However, they did not make it very far into the summer before the sole of the boot started to fall off.

To be fair, they were just a cheap pair of boots from Target that weren't exactly made to last very long.  I have had a couple people recommend I take them to a cobbler to simply fix that one bit, but honestly, at the most these little guys were maybe $15.  Financially, it just wouldn't make sense.  I could fix them myself, and I have fixed other boots in the past, but much as I love them, it's just not worth it to me.  I'd rather find a nice pair of boots that are similar to these that will last longer so I don't even have to worry about it.

This is where you guys come in!  I would love recommendations on what boots I should get next, since I'm getting closer to starting to look for a pair with fall coming up right around the corner.  Please leave me your suggestions in the comment section below, and help me find a pair that I'll fall in love with!  I may try Steve Madden, since I had a pair that I really loved from there for a while, but I'm definitely open to trying just about anything!


  1. Hunter! I am probably going to wear out my DSW (unknown brand) riding boots and booties this fall or winter so that's where I'm going! They're a little pricey..FYI.


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