Marc Jacobs #instamarc Contour Powder

I've never actually been one to use a highlighter before, but I love Marc Jacobs makeup, so when I saw this contour palette, I thought I'd give it a try!  I can't really say I know for sure why, particularly since I have two other bronzers that could probably use some attention, but that doesn't detract from my love of this compact.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that if you're reading this blog, then you probably already know how fair-skinned I am.  Honestly, I hear people talk about how hard it is to find the right foundation shade, and I've never had a problem.  I just get the lightest shade, and it almost always works.  So, it should not be surprising that I picked the lightest of the #instamarc compacts, Mirage Filter, which has a light gold highlight and light bronze contour.  There's also the Dream Filter (soft pink/medium bronze) and Hi Fi Filter (warm peach/deep bronze), but the Mirage Filter works perfectly for me.

The powders are incredibly soft and velvety to the touch, and I really like using an angled blush brush to apply it.  I do find that I have to be careful to make absolutely certain that any excess bronzer has been tapped off my brush before I go to do any contouring, though, because it does have a tendency to get a little too dark for me sometimes, and like a good makeup product, stays where it's placed.

I've really been enjoying this compact, which is probably why my two other bronzers have been so neglected.  But, if you've tried this compact, I'd love to know what you think, as well, so let me know in the comment section what your opinion is, and tell me if there are any other bronzers/highlighters I should try.  Like I said, I'm fairly new in the highlighting world, so anything you can suggest would be appreciated!  As always, make sure to follow this blog if you haven't already, and stop back on Thursday for a new post!  I've really been enjoying writing for this blog lately, and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it!