My Favorite Health/Fitness Apps for Android

I've really started getting into taking care of my body, as seems to happen whenever summer or New Year's rolls around, and I've found a couple of apps that have really helped me stay on track.  Now, I'm one of those weird vloggers that does not have an iPhone, so these are all Android apps, but I imagine they or something similar is available for iPhone, as well.

The first I wanted to share with you is one that Joe actually found for me, called Water Your Body.  In it's simplest sense, it monitors how much water you're drinking, and gives you a target number of ounces to drink per day.  

I like the layout of this app, because it makes it really easy to discern how much water you're drinking, even when you may not have an actual measuring cup handy.  For example, in the photo below, you can see that I had two coffee-cups worth of water (one tea, and one coffee).  There are also options for a water glass, 24 ounce bottles, beer glasses, etc., and if those aren't handy enough, you can edit them to suit your habits.  My favorite part, of course, is that you get a notification congratulating you when you've hit your goal, and I always like being congratulated. ;)

The next two apps are by Under Armour, and absolutely amazing.  The first is called Map My Run, and has been on my phone for quite a while.  Essentially, it tracks how far you're running, walking, biking, etc., and where you're going. 

It also tracks some other handy things, like how long you've run, what your pace is, how many calories you've burned, etc.  I really love this app, and like I said, I've used it for quite a while.  The only issue that I really have with it is that it's not always perfect as to the distance you've gone, but since I tend to go the same few routes, I know where it should be, and can essentially figure out what it should say.  Also, I have to point out that for my third or fourth time out running in forever, I think two miles at 10:00 (or so) each is pretty good!  I'll get better.

Finally, the last app I wanted to quick mention was My Fitness Pal, also by Under Armour.  This is pretty much your standard calorie counting app, that helps you lose, maintain, or gain weight by giving you a set number of calories to try and stick to, and also allows you to account for bonus calories you get from working out and such.

This app also has one of the largest food libraries I've seen in a calorie counting app, and makes it incredibly easy to add in foods that have a bar code, just by taking a picture of that bar code.  So, say you're having a serving of spaghetti, you can take a picture of the bar code on the box, and it'll figure out the calories for you.  Adding sauce?  Take a picture of the bar code on that, and it'll figure out a serving of sauce for you!  It's really simple, and all bar codes I've tried have worked.

So, now that I've shared what my favorite health and fitness apps are with you, I'd love you to share yours with me!  Let me know your absolute favorites whether it be iPhone or Android based in the comment section below.  Even if I can't use them, I'm sure someone else reading this post could!  Also, make sure to stop back next Tuesday for a brand new post, and follow this blog so you don't miss a thing!


  1. Plant Nanny is another cute one for remembering to drink water. Making the little plant live because you drink water is actually a really big incentive...

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