Joe's Birthday Present | SodaStream Dynamo LX

We have been looking into getting a SodaStream for such a long time, and we finally got one for Joe's birthday (I'm such a good wife!).  Before anyone gets up in arms about me getting something for both of us for his birthday, I do want to quick mention that I did surprise him with another toy that he really seems to enjoy, but that one is definitely his, and I won't be sharing it with you on this blog. ;)

Anyway, the model that we picked up is the SodaStream Dynamo LX, which we found on Amazon.  Essentially, we chose it because it was highly rated and you can get an attachment for it so you can fill the CO2 carbonator like you would a paintball gun, making it much, much cheaper to refill.  It did also come with a 12-pack of SodaMix samples, including Cola, Diet Cola, and energy one that tastes like Red Bull which we have affectionately named 'Quick Bull', and several others.  However, apart from the Quick Bull, we probably won't use them much.

We don't actually drink much pop, but we do really like carbonated water, which was really the idea behind purchasing this.  Though we'll just drink plain old carbonated water like it's going out of style, it also frees us up to make fruit-infused carbonated water using whatever fruits we'd like, like lemon, strawberry, raspberry.  We can even make our favorite mix, like when we shared our Fruit Infused Detox Water.  All you'd have to do is pour carbonated water into your infuser rather than plain water!

It's really easy to use, too.  All you have to do is chill some plain old water in the bottle that comes with the machine, then twist the bottle onto the machine.  From there, just press the button at the top firmly, then quickly release.  The machine will make a buzzing noise when the water has been carbonated, and you want to listen for 3 buzzes for an average fizz.

As I said earlier, we really haven't tried any of the sodas that came in our sampler apart from the Energy one, so I can't say much about their taste.  We did really like the Energy one, though.  The carbonated water it makes is absolutely amazing.  I think we'll get a ton of use out of this little guy, particularly since we have so much more freedom when we're making our water.  We can make it as carbonated as we'd like, and create our own flavors!

Personally, I really like it already, but if you've tried using a SodaStream before, I'd love to know what you think!  Let me know your opinions in the comment section below, and make sure to come back next week!  I have a fun and easy DIY project planned that I have a feeling you're going to love.  Also, make sure to follow this blog so that you get updates every time a new post goes up!  I'll talk to you again, soon!