Red Wing Oxfords

My husband can be very particular when it comes to the shoes he'll wear, which I honestly think is wonderful.  He knows that he has a very hard time sitting still, so he needs something that will hold up well, and he wants something that he can essentially wear no matter where we're going.  That means it has to be a good work shoe that still looks nice enough to wear to church.

That's likely why he was so excited when he found out that Red Wing Shoes had a number of nice, dressier shoes for sale.  He already knew that Red Wing Shoes made good, sturdy work boots from several of his friends that work in logging or construction, and figured (correctly, I may add) that the shoes would be built just as well.  Oh, and just as a little history geek out: The company was actually founded in the 19th century in Red Wing, Minnesota specifically to make shoes for logging, mining, and farming.  To be in business that long, you have to assume they're doing something right!

I love the way these shoes look, and I know Joe does, too.  Really, the only complaint that he has about them is that because their construction is so sturdy, they've taken a while to get worn in.  However, they will form to your feet, so once they are worn in, they should be quite comfortable.

Now that I've gone on about how much we like these shoes, I do have to regretfully tell you that I don't actually know where you can get this exact pair anymore.  Joe only got these a couple months ago, but I can't find them anywhere online.  However, I did find similar ones on Amazon and Ebay.  This pair is pretty much an exact match, except they are a caramel color rather than black, and this pair is similar, but it doesn't have the cool contrasting white stitching.

They are a little pricier too, or at least compared to the shoes we typically get, so I would recommend finding a style that you or your significant other loves before taking the plunge.  I imagine this post would still apply to almost all of the Oxfords from Red Wing.  Let me know what you think, though!  Have you tried Red Wing shoes?  What have you thought?  Let me know in the comment section, below!

Also, if you are interested in seeing a little more of our home, particularly one little corner that I absolutely love, make sure to stop back here on Thursday!  If you have any guesses as to what could be in this little corner, please leave them below!  I'd love to know how predictable or un-predictable I might be!