Our Bar Cart

I don't think I've ever actually talked about this little corner of our home, but it's a little spot that I absolutely love.  In a corner behind our spiral staircase there is a little alcove that holds our bar cart, which was a purchase I heavily debated for quite a while, but have never regretted.  I found it at Target this past winter, and we've used it so much!  The top tray actually separates from the rest of the cart, and I'm not lying when I say that we've used it for breakfast in bed.  We're just that awesome.

Of course, breakfast in bed aside, this is still a wonderful cart, and has allowed us to store our adult beverages so beautifully, it's almost just a functional decor piece.  I've decorated the top tray with a couple pillar candles on an antique silver tray with pinecones I found near our house, and a glitter deer that I purchased at Target as part of their Christmas decor.  But, living in Minnesota, I feel like I can get away with this as an everyday thing.  After all, we have deer come by our house every night!  We also have a cocktail shaker, a corkscrew, a wine aerator, and a flask that you may have seen in my Stocking Stuffers for Him video back at Christmas!

The second shelf is where we keep our wine glasses, champagne flutes, and the Bacardi cups we got when we were in San Juan, and toured the Bacardi Distillery there.  If you don't remember us going on that trip, feel free to check out Chase's Cruise Diary, where we talk all about it!  Oh, and if you look really closely, you may notice that one of the wine glasses is missing.  Guess who had some wine while she was getting this post ready! ;)

Speaking of wine, on the lower shelf, you can see exactly which wine I was drinking.  Last year, my best friend, Emily, and I discovered Forestedge Wine from Laporte, Minnesota.  It's the best wine that I've found to make Mulled Wine with, and the current flavor I've been enjoying is their Rhubarb/Raspberry blend.  We also have all our other forms of alcohol on this shelf, including some vodka, brandy, the basics - but we can only allow it to take up half this shelf.  The rest of it is devoted to coffee syrups.

Our favorites are the ones from Caribou Coffee, which are right in front, along with some of our favorite flavors.  These are all actually backups, since we have the majority of our coffee syrups by our espresso machine.  Speaking of which, our coffee bar has changed a lot since you've last seen it.  If you're interested in an update, make sure to let me know.  In the very back, you can see our old syrups, which were by the brand Torani, but when we switched to Caribou, it was impossible to go back.  We're still not entirely sure what to do with our old ones.

So, that's our bar cart!  When I sat down to write this post, I was a little worried that we would come off as bigger drinkers that we are, but now that we're nearing the end, I think we probably look more coffee-addicted than we'd like to let on.  Though, I can't say we're not as big into coffee as it looks - I think we've hidden that obsession a little more than you know!

Anyway, I'd love to know what you think of this little setup, and let me know if there are any other areas you'd like to see in our house!  I'm hoping to do more 'tour' style posts and videos, because I think our house is finally at a point where I really love it, and think it fits our personalities!  Also, make sure to come back on Saturday!  I have a recipe that I've been looking forward to sharing with you for a while!  See you then!