Bee Well Essentials Lip Balms

I suppose I should get a little disclaimer out of the way here, before I get started on this post: I am friends with Danielle, the girl that makes these lip balms.  However, this fact does not influence my opinion on them, and she does not in fact know that I am writing this post, yet.  I just had to tell you guys about them!  If you saw my February Favorites video, you'll already have heard me talk about them a little, and my opinion has not changed.  If anything, I'm more attached to them now than I was before!

So, these are the Bee Well Essentials lip balms in Lavender Bliss, and Cocoa Vanilla Bean.  They are handcrafted balms made with organic ingredients like Beeswax (I think directly from her father's bees - yes, he's a beekeeper.  How cool is that?!?!) and essential oils. They are the most hydrating balms I've ever tried, and even beat out Dior's Creme De Rose in my opinion, no matter what the cost!  Though, they are only $3 a piece, or 2 for $5, which is pretty amazing.  I know there are a couple places around northern Minnesota that are selling them already, but I would guess that for you guys, the easiest place to get your hands on them is going to be Etsy.  She has her own shop, and is really good at responding to any questions you might have!

So, since these are so amazing, and not incredibly expensive, I've already picked up three.  I have two of the Lavender Bliss ones, and one Cocoa Vanilla Bean, and love all of them!  The Cocoa Vanilla Bean is a lovely, bakery like scent that reminds me a little bit of hazelnut, and I keep this up in my "office", which also happens to be my filming room and our guest bedroom, just to have while I'm working.  It's a nice, relaxing, comforting scent, and feels amazing!

Obviously, my favorite is the Lavender Bliss.  Naturally, it smells like lavender, which is actually a scent that I'm becoming more and more attracted to...not going to lie, it might be because of this balm.  Since getting it, I've played around with lavender epsom salt, diffusing lavender oil, and using this.  It's another calming and relaxing scent, and I must say, since I've incorporated more lavender in our home, I think both Joe and I have been sleeping better!  Anyway, since I love this so much, I have one that is a permanent fixture in our bathroom, where I get ready every morning, and one in my purse for those out and about moments.  

Like I said, I love these things.  I remember one day, when I just had the one Lavender Bliss, that I'd forgotten to use it, and was out of the house all day, and I legitimately missed it.  I'm not usually like that, either.  I can forget pretty much any lip balm and not miss it, except for this one, and I've heard similar stories from other people that have used it.  I think it's just that good.  So, please check out her Etsy store, and let her know that I sent you!  I hope you try these guys out, and let me know what you think of them!  Love you!