LifeWay Haul

Last week I went shopping with my mom, and we stopped at the Christian bookstore, LifeWay.  So, I thought that I would share some of the books that I picked up while we were there.  I know this post may not be for everyone, but I'm pretty excited about everything, and figured that there may still be some of you out there that would enjoy it!

First, I picked up this Bible study from Beth Moore called The Patriarchs.  I'm really close to finishing her study on David, and I've been loving it so much that I wanted to do another of her studies right away, and thought this one sounded interesting.  It studies other characters from the Old Testament, including Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Plus, it was highly recommended by my mom, who is also lending me the videos that go along with this study!

Then, I got a 365 day devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  I've been wanting to start a devotional with my husband for quite a while, and I've heard a lot of good things about this one from members of my church.  We've only done a few days so far, but I like that it gives you advice on how to live your life following Christ, provides you with goals for the day, then includes supporting Bible verses.  I'll definitely let you know what I think once we get into this a bit more!

Finally, I picked up the second and third books in the Grand Tour series from Lisa T. Bergren,  Grave Consequences and Glittering Promises.  I've already read the first in this series, Glamorous Illusions, and loved it, so since I had the opportunity, I knew I had to get the next couple!  I actually did a Shimmerature on Glamorous Illusions, which I'll include below if you'd like to watch it.  Like I said, I really loved it, so I can't wait to get going on the next couple, as well!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little haul post, and make sure to let me know if you did so that I can keep doing them!  Like I said, I know not all of you are Christian, but as this is my blog, and I am, I hope you'll respect my decision to share these books with you!


  1. These all sounds like great books Megan! I for one would enjoy hearing more about the books you are's always nice to hear reviews from a friend about a good book! :D

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! I'll certainly try to do more posts like this! I've really been enjoying all of them so far!


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