Fresh Scent for Our Home

Candles seem to be a big thing in the beauty community, and I am no exception.  I love having a candle or two burning at any given time, especially since they leave my house smelling nice.  But, it seems to me that most members of the beauty community have a bunch of different candles, and end up trying just about everything out there!  Honestly, up until last December, I was right with them, but then I stocked up on one scent: Spiced Apple Toddy.  It was one of the only candles I had in the house, and I'd even gotten a bunch of the Wallflowers in the same scent to have in different parts of my house.  The result was amazing.  The entire house smelled the same and wonderful, so I decided to do the same thing for Spring.  In one of my recent vlogs, I mentioned that I was stuck between two scents from Bath & Body that I liked: Fresh and Happy.  Well, the secret is out!  I went with Fresh. :)

As we get closer and closer to Spring, I've become more and more obsessed with clean, florally scents that are just...well, fresh (You can see proof in my latest perfume obsession, Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana!).  It could easily be that I'm getting a little stir crazy, having to be cooped up in the house because it's -20F outside, and scents like this just feel light, and airy - kind of like you've been able to keep the windows open all day, even if the weather doesn't permit it.  In fact, this particular scent is described as, "a fragrance inspired by throwing open the windows on a perfect spring day with a blend of breezy air notes, blue water and a hint of citrus."

Much as I love the candle, I'm going to try and save it as long as possible, since I missed the recent 3-Wick Candles for $12.50 sale (darn!), but I did catch the 6 Wallflowers for $24, so I stocked up on them!  Then, just to make my house feel even more ready for spring, I decided to get a few new plugs for them as well.  My goal is to have two sets of Wallflower plugs: one for fall and winter (see here), and one for spring and summer (which I'm about to show you).

First, I picked up this really cool palm leaf that's kind of a green metallic color.  I think I'll probably end up putting this one in the master bedroom, because I want to.  I honestly have no other reason than that's where I want it.  I could give you an explanation about how it matches our bedspread so nicely (which it does), but that wouldn't be the truth.  I just want it there, so that's where it's going to go!  Unless, of course, you have other ideas, which I'd certainly be open to!

Then, there's this abstract sun with a huge jewel in the center.  I've been eyeing this for a while, and I'm so glad I finally got it!  This is going in the kitchen, because it matches our neutral scheme so well, and I think it's one that most of our guests will think is pretty too.  As much as I love this one, though, it will probably be the last to be put up, since the Spiced Apple Toddy Wallflower there is still going strong.  Oh, well.  We're in transition!

Finally, I'm probably most excited about this pineapple plug for a couple of reasons.  First, it's awesome.  Let's just go with that.  Second, I love the significance of pineapples being a sign of hospitality, and third, it's a nightlight!  Given these reasons, I've decided there's no where it could go apart from the bathroom.  We've only got one, so our guests have to use the same one we do, so it's a little hospitality sign, and who couldn't use a nightlight in the bathroom?  I know there are many nights where I could have avoided running into the door simply with a nightlight present.

So, there you go!  That's what our house is going to smell like all spring!  I absolutely adore doing scents this way, especially since our home is fairly small.  It's kind of weird if I try to get too many scents going at once.  Maybe when we move to a bigger house (can you tell what's been on my mind?), and things are a little more spread out I'll change my mind, but as for now, I think I'll stick to one scent a season!