Essie's Cashmere Matte Collection

If you saw my recent Nail Polish Collection video, you may have noticed that I have way too many polishes.  In fact, up until recently, I'd started to lose my love of nail polish collecting, and hadn't purchased a new one in quite a while.  I'd even started to hope that my subscription boxes (which I have since cancelled since I have more than I need in general) would not contain a new polish.  But then, I found Essie's Wrap Me Up, and immediately fell in love with one of their new collections, their Cashmere Mattes.

I love matte nail polishes, and while I'm sure some of you may be wondering why on earth I'd be excited, when all you really have to do is get a matte top coat, rest assured that these are definitely more special than that.  While they definitely have a matte finish, these polishes also have reflective little pearls in them that give the finished look a slight shine, giving the nail an almost fuzzy sort of appearance.  They're absolutely gorgeous, and I had to share them with you!

Comfy in Cashmere
This lovely color is a beautiful dusty pink mixed with violet, combining into a gorgeous griege-like tone.  Definitely the kind of tone that I go for on a fairly regular basis (*cough* Tickle My France-y *cough*).  But, what makes this color a little more special is obviously the matte texture of this polish, and the face that it has some lovely blue shimmers in it, as well!

Wrap Me Up
As my introduction to this collection, I think I can safely say that this is still my favorite color from this collection.  It's a super light, nude pink that will easily take me into the spring and summer months, and while at first glance, it looks like your typical matte polish, it has a nice nude shimmer to it when it catches the light just right.  I love it!

All Eyes on Nudes
This gorgeous camel color reminds me of what I'd look for in the perfect, classic trench coat, which is good, because that's exactly how Essie describes it, as well.  It's a wonderful nude tan with the same colored shimmer, making it a bit less shiny than the other polishes in this collection, but that could be part of why this reminds me so much of a trench coat, as well!

Coat Couture
On Essie's site, they describe this color as a "deep purple shimmer over compelling greige", but I must disagree with this description.  It is definitely a purple-griege, but the shimmer is more of an emerald color than anything.  It's actually quite pretty, and if I were to choose a color from this collection that most looked like fabric, this is it.  It's like OPI's You Don't Know Jacques!, but better.

Spun in Luxe
As a quick confession, the second I tried my first polish from this collection, I knew I was going to have to do a blog post on it.  However, while I was in the store, I did have the passing thought that if I were to not get one of the polishes, it'd be this one.  I'm glad that I still went through with it!  While I think the classic, patent black looks too harsh against my skin, this matte black with a blue shimmer softens it up just enough where I feel I can wear it comfortably!

As you can see, all of these colors are absolutely gorgeous, which is why I had to pick up all that I could!  I didn't get to try out the color Just Stitched, which is a pearly pink, but I imagine that's just as lovely!  I'd love to know what you think of this collection, though!  Let me know in the comment section!


  1. I love all of them!!! My favourite is All Eyes on Nudes because it seems to me such a elegant color and could be used with any clothes or style and keep looking appropriate.

    1. I completely agree! I love that most of the colors in this collection are very versatile and wearable in a number of situations! :)


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