Saturday, September 13, 2014

Emma's Hat from Dreamy

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may know that I've been fairly well obsessed with the show, Once Upon a Time the past couple weeks (Thank goodness for Netflix!), and I've been doing my best to play catch up so that I'm ready when Season Four airs the 28th of this month!  As a way to celebrate the upcoming season premiere, I thought I'd write up a couple of knit hat patterns based on some of the ones in the show, starting with one of the most recognizable hats: Emma's beanie from the episode 'Dreamy'.  I hope you like this pattern, and if you make it, please let me know by sharing pictures on Instagram!  I'd love to see your creations!

Size 2 circular needles
Size 6 circular needles
Caron Simply Soft in Heather Grey
Cable Needle
Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle

cf4: slip 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold to front, k2, then k2 from cable needle.
cb4: slip 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold to back, k2, then k2 from cable needle.

Hat Ribbing
With smaller circular needles, cast on 120 sts.  Pm and join.  Work in k2, p2 ribbing for 10 rounds.  Change to larger circular needles.

Hat Body
Round 1: k3, k2tog around - 96 sts.
Round 2: {(p1, k1) 3 times, k1, p3, k7, p3, k8, p3, k7, p3, k1, (p1, k1) 3 times} twice.
Round 3: {(k1, p1) 3 times, k1, p3, k7, p3, cf4, cf4, p3, k7, p3, k1, (k1, p1) 3 times} twice.
Round 4:{(p1, k1) 3 times, k1, p3, k7, p3, k8, p3, k7, p3, k1, (p1, k1) 3 times} twice.
Round 5: {(k1, p1) 3 times, k1, p3, k7, p3, k8, p3, k7, p3, k1, (k1, p1) 3 times} twice.
Round 6: as Round 4.
Round 7: {(k1, p1) 3 times, k1, p3, k7, p3, k2, cb4, k2, p3, k7, p3, k1, (k1, p1) 3 times} twice.
Rounds 8-10: as Rounds 4-6.
Repeat Rounds 3-10 four more times.

Round 1: k2tog around.
Round 2: k around.
Repeat Rounds 1-2 three more times - 6 sts.
Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts.  Pull tight.  Weave in any loose ends.

Also, make sure to follow this blog to see when I post more Once Upon a Time inspired knitting patterns!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

August Glossybox

So, I just recently got my August Glossybox, and it is unfortunately the last Glossybox that I will be receiving for a while.  It's not because this particular one came so late, or because I've been particularly unhappy with it, though.  It's more because the museum where I work is closing the end of this month, and I simply won't have the funds for the moment!  So, in honor of this last box, I thought I'd do an unboxing for you.

The first item in this box is a Skinny Liquid Eyeliner from Eyeko.  It's been pretty amazing in my quick trial run.  It's nice and small, portable, and it leaves a nice, dark line.  It's by far my favorite item in this box, and is perfect for keeping in your handbag or for travel.  It retails for $16, which is quite a bit more than the ELF liquid eyeliner I'm so fond of, but it's much sleeker, and may actually be worth the money.  I'll keep testing and let you know my results! :)

There was also a full-size Sparitual nail polish from their Explore line, called Navigate.  I probably won't get much use out of this, because even though it really is a gorgeous, frosty blue, it's really just not a color I gravitate toward.  However, there are several other very pretty colors in the collection, and if I didn't have such a large nail polish collection of my own, I might consider picking up something in a different shade, like North Star, which is a pretty, dark purple with the same frosty finish.

Then, there was an Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream.  I haven't heard of this brand before, and I haven't been able to try it out for very long, but I'm excited to see how it works out.  I always love to try out new eye creams, but they're always so expensive!  A full size of this particular cream retails for $85, so getting some in a subscription box is much more preferable!

Another new brand I get to choose is this Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.  I know absolutely nothing about this, other than it claims to be sulfate-free and to leave hair fibers soft and easy to comb.  We'll see how this one fairs once I've tried it out!

The last item is also very intriguing to me, as it's a highlighter by Kryolan for Glossybox.  It's a really, really pretty color, that is nice and subtle, yet frosty enough to give off a beautiful glow.  I'm really excited about it, and was really hoping that Glossybox would come out with their own makeup line!  I love the packaging and logo, plus they've worked with so many awesome makeup companies, you just know that they have to come out with something good!

I haven't tried it out on my actual face, yet, but I'm really optimistic about this product, and I imagine it will be a fast favorite of  mine!

So, that's everything that I got in my last Glossybox for a while!  I think this is the first time I've actually done an unboxing on my blog, so please let me know what you thought of it, and if I should do more.  Even though this is the last Glossybox unboxing for a while, I do also have a Boxycharm subscription that has proven a bit more difficult for me to part with. :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

My Bridal Shower

This past Saturday was my bridal shower, and it was so much fun!  A ton of my aunts and church friends were there for a brunch complete with plenty of tea, baked oatmeal, games, and of course pearls!  Plus, I absolutely loved my outfit, so I thought I'd share it with you lovelies!

My dress was a BB Dakota dress that I found from, which is one of my favorite places to get clothing!  They put together so many fun looks, so you can see how to style different pieces!  My necklace was from the LeTote subscription service, and is a Noir Luxe Chloe Antique Necklace.  I've gotten so many compliments on this lovely necklace, it's definitely staying in my closet for quite some time!

If you've been around for a while, you've probably seen this purse before.  It is a Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair Bag I found on Shopbop (NOT Shop Bob - I can't even tell you how many times my finger has slipped to that spelling!) ages ago, and still use all the time!  It's such a nice, simple staple item, that I couldn't live without.  My bangles are from Dailylook - surprise! - and I've had them long enough where they are unfortunately not available anymore.

My shoes are from, you guessed it: Dailylook.  I don't know what is wrong with me, but I really haven't been shopping in many other locations!  Oddly enough, I've gotten a lot of compliments on these bad boys, too.  Once, I even had someone offer to buy them off of me!  Thing is, they're easily available online in a ton of different colors.  Apparently, you just need to go online and get some :)

I really did have an amazing day!  All of the games were so much fun, particularly the one in the picture below, where teams dressed their "brides" in the most fashionable gowns made of toilet paper!  I personally got to present the dresses, from risqué, to classic, girly, and trendy!  It was so much fun, and I sincerely wish each and every one of you could have been there!

My Outfit
Dress: BB Dakota | Necklace: LeTote | Bangles: Dailylook (unavailable) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: Dailylook

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Engagement Pictures

I am honestly still in shock.  We are exactly one month away from our wedding, and I'm getting really anxious!  Not anxious nervous; anxious excited :).  So, in honor of that fact, I thought I'd share some of our engagement pictures with you guys!  These pictures were taken by our friend, Dana, from Dana J Photography, but she likely won't be able to take our wedding photos, as she's expecting her first child just a couple weeks after the wedding!  

This first one you will probably recognize if you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, you should!), and is very special to me.  It was Casablanca inspired, which is a movie I absolutely love, and the airport is just a good backdrop for us, in general.  Joe loves flying, and has actually been working on getting his pilot's license, and I must admit I've been caught up in it, as well.  There's nothing like flying through the clouds in a little plane!

This photo was actually taken on the beach where Joe proposed!  I won't go into too much detail about his proposal, since the entire story is up on my short-lived wedding blog, Pearls & Lace Bride.  So, if you'd like to know how he did it, just head on over there!

Ah, the classic ring photo!  I adore the way Dana captured this, because not only do you get a lovely view of the ring, but it also has such a lovely, graceful, and romantic feel to it!  I cannot figure out how she did that, because to be honest, neither of us are particularly graceful, and thrive more off gentle teasing than romantic gestures.

Which, is probably why I had to show you guys this next photo!  Dana was helping us pose, and I believe Joe wasn't entirely sure what we were supposed to be doing, so I was teasing him about it a little.  Really, that's how most of the pictures were taken: one of us was consistently giggling if the other didn't understand what we were doing!

I simply had to share this last one with you!  It's stunning, and really does capture the fact that we're small-town Minnesotans quite well!  But, I had to also share with you that I thought I was for sure falling out of this tree!  Being a county girl, I've climbed my fair share of trees, but if you look closely at my hand, you can see there's a big bald spot where the bark has worn away.  This made it crazy slippery, but I'm so glad we were able to capture this moment!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little peek into my life - I know it's not the kind of thing I typically share with you on this blog.  But, as it's consistently occupying my brain at the moment, and I try to make a point of sharing things I love with you guys, I thought it still  kind of made sense :).  Oh, and if you're getting ready to take your engagement photos, here's my two cents: listen to your photographer's direction, but be you as a couple - it will make your photos more memorable!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nars Amour Blush

Those of you that have perhaps watched my makeup videos for quite a while may remember that there was a Nars blush/bronzer duo that I used almost exclusively, but I never spoke aloud what the name of the blush was.  It's a rather well known blush, and I'm sure many of you would recognize it, even without my referring you to the description box where it was listed, but I have since moved on to a different, yet similar blush with a much more appealing name.

The blush I've instead been using is the Nars blush in Amour, which is basically the same peachy pink as the other blush, but whereas the blush I previously used had a bit of shimmer to it, this one does not.  Really, it couldn't be more perfect for me.  I'm not crazy about blushes with a lot of shimmer to them to begin with, but loved the color of the Nars blush enough to continue using it.

Essentially, it is the more ladylike, grown-up version of my last Nars blush, and I'm so thrilled to have found it.  It is just as pigmented, just as smooth, etc.  But, it has everything I've been looking for in a blush.  I couldn't be more thrilled with this purchase!  What are your favorite blushes?  Let me know in the comment section below!  Oh, and if you're wondering what that other blush was, I'm not saying it!  I simply find it too inappropriate!