DIY Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

With Christmas fast approaching, I wanted to get in just a few more fun, Christmasy posts!  So, I thought I'd share with you how to make some ornaments that have just recently begun to grace our Christmas tree: stars made from Cinnamon sticks!  Not only are they cute and rustic, but they make the house smell nice, too! 

All you need to make these little guys is five cinnamon sticks per star, some scrap yarn, and a glue gun.

Starting with the top point, overlap two of the cinnamon sticks, and glue in place.

Add two more cinnamon sticks to create the bottom points of the star, and glue these points in place as well.

Finally, add the last cinnamon stick right across the top to create the last two points.  Glue these points in place as well.

Although our star ornament is already looking really nice, I did want to make them a little sturdier, so once I was sure the rest of the star was glued in place, I also put a bit in the gaps that occur beneath some of the sticks.  This just makes sure the stars stay nice and stiff.

Finally, tie a piece of yarn to one of the points, and it's ready to hang on the tree!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY!  These ornaments are incredibly easy to make, and no two will ever look the same!  I love them on my tree, especially since this winter we've had what I like to think of as a "glamorous forest" theme going on, and these add such a nice, rustic touch!