Nars Amour Blush

Those of you that have perhaps watched my makeup videos for quite a while may remember that there was a Nars blush/bronzer duo that I used almost exclusively, but I never spoke aloud what the name of the blush was.  It's a rather well known blush, and I'm sure many of you would recognize it, even without my referring you to the description box where it was listed, but I have since moved on to a different, yet similar blush with a much more appealing name.

The blush I've instead been using is the Nars blush in Amour, which is basically the same peachy pink as the other blush, but whereas the blush I previously used had a bit of shimmer to it, this one does not.  Really, it couldn't be more perfect for me.  I'm not crazy about blushes with a lot of shimmer to them to begin with, but loved the color of the Nars blush enough to continue using it.

Essentially, it is the more ladylike, grown-up version of my last Nars blush, and I'm so thrilled to have found it.  It is just as pigmented, just as smooth, etc.  But, it has everything I've been looking for in a blush.  I couldn't be more thrilled with this purchase!  What are your favorite blushes?  Let me know in the comment section below!  Oh, and if you're wondering what that other blush was, I'm not saying it!  I simply find it too inappropriate!