YSL Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose

I’m sure by now it’s no surprise that I love YSL’s lipsticks. I think I’ve mentioned them quite a few times, and I still can’t get over their intoxicating scent of red wine. Perhaps intoxicating is the wrong word to use there, but I really do adore their scent. It’s definitely my favorite feature of these lipsticks, and I fear that in talking about that one bit so often, I may have overlooked some of their other lovely qualities when I’ve talked about them in the past. That is why I’ve decided to dedicate a post to a lipstick that most of you already know that I love, focusing on my favorite to wear during the summer, Opera Rose.

Skipping over how delectable they smell, let’s talk about formulation. These babies are so soft and smooth to apply, and actually seem to hydrate your lips a bit, so after quite a bit of wear, your pucker doesn’t feel dried out and scratchy like it does with certain other lipsticks. Honestly, it’s like rubbing a stick of butter all over your lips, which may not sound appealing, but imagine how soft that would feel! They’re also very pigmented, as you can see from the swatch of Opera Rose, and they last quite a while on your lips, making them a nice, easy wear. They don’t really stain your lips, though, so if you are looking for a very long lasting formula, you may want to look elsewhere. These do require maintenance, but they’re so lovely to apply, I certainly don’t mind!

Opera Rose in particular is quite easily one of my favorite lipsticks to wear during the summertime, because it’s color is so lovely and bright without being overpowering. It’s described as a vibrant rose pink, and you lovelies know I’m a little more neutral in my color schemes, so it may seem odd at first that I would like a color described as ‘vibrant’. However, the rose is what saves it! If you are like me, and aren’t particularly interested in bright colors, even though they are amazing for summer, allow me to introduce you to the trick of rose. Basically, rose is a little darker pink with just a subtle hint of tan, which makes it a bit more neutral than the baby pinks, hot pinks, and corals. Perhaps you’re a bit braver than I am, and having a neutral hint is not a big deal in a bright color, but it’s something to think about, regardless!