Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essentials Kit

Oh dear.  I do believe I have a post in which I must use an affiliate link.  However, before any of you begin to think that this post is solely a way for me to try and make money, please do look at some of my makeup tutorials on YouTube.  I don't always disclose which brushes I use, but the light blue color of these brushes is easy to spot, so you can tell that I've actually used these for quite some time before actually talking about them.

This kit comes with 12 brushes, in a convenient little carrying case that opens up to reveal two separate cups.  This is extremely handy, as you can put used brushes in one cup and clean brushes in the other, thereby keeping them from getting mixed up.  Since it would take quite a while to go through each brush in this kit, I decided I would just talk about my absolute favorites.

The first that I could not be bothered to live without is the E40 Tapered Blending Brush, which is pictured on the below on the left.  I've tried so many blending brushes, including the ones from MAC, and none of the others can compare to this one.  I also love the E55 Eye Shading Brush, and use it every single day to apply my main eyeshadow, since it packs on the color extremely well, and the final brush I had to talk to you about is the F30 Large Powder Brush.  I love this for lightly applying bronzer to my neck and forehead, and setting my makeup as well.  It's just such a lovely, versatile brush!

Truly, they are all fabulous, and someday I may have to film a full video talking about each of them.  Unfortunately, there simply isn't enough time to talk about them here.  If you've looked into these brushes before, and are perhaps debating a purchase, I would certainly say go for it!

E05: Eyeliner, E30: Pencil, E40: Tapered Blending, E55: Eye Shading, 
E60: Large Shader, E65: Small Angle, E70: Medium Angled Shading, 
F30: Large Powder, F40: Large Angled Contour, F50: Duo Fibre, F60: Concealer