My Fair Lady

As much as I love My Fair Lady, I actually had some qualms about putting it up on my blog, because of a conversation I had with someone that shares almost none of my views.  She felt that this was a very sexist film, and that one of the main characters, Henry Higgins, was a misogynistic jerk.  This made me really nervous, because I began to worry that some of you would think this same way, and I would offend you by putting this review up.

Really, to be completely honest, both of her points are accurate.  In fact, if you look this film up on IMDb, it even calls Henry Higgins misogynistic and snobbish.  That's part of his character.  Also, this film came out in 1964, but was based off the stage play, Pygmalion, which began in 1912.  So, I believe a little sexism is to be expected.  Now that I've gone through all this, I believe it is time to actually start talking about the film itself.

This is another lovely Audrey Hepburn film, this one being based in London.  She plays Eliza Doolittle, who is a poor  Cockney flower girl that randomly runs into the infamous Henry Higgins, played by Rex Harrison, who is a phonetics professor that makes a bet that he can transform Eliza into a woman of high society simply by changing the way she speaks...and how she acts and dresses.

As usual, I won't say too much, but I do feel that it's necessary to mention that yes, it is a romantic comedy, and Eliza and Henry do fall in love.  He does in fact see the error of his ways, and becomes less misogynist and more pompous.  I just don't want you to go into this film with such a negative view of Henry.  He just doesn't know all the lovely reasons to have a lady around in the beginning!

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