Hollister Malibu Beach Body Spray

Scents are amazing, aren't they?  In an instant, they can transport you to a different time entirely, bringing back memories you'd completely forgotten you'd had.  For example, toward the end of my freshman year through the summer and beginning of my sophomore year of college, I was wearing the Malibu Beach Body Spray from Hollister, and now it's become not only an instant reminder of that time, but also an essential part of my summer routine.

Like all scents from Hollister, Malibu Beach is a nice, casual beachy scent, perfect for summer.  It is comprised of vanilla, marzipan, almond, and just a little musk - essentially summer's version of the bakery scents I adore so much in the winter!  In most of my perfume or fragrance-related posts, I mention that there is a scent or two that I really can't smell, but in this one, I can smell everything quite well.  The one that stands out most, though, is the marzipan.  Perhaps it's just me, but I just don't think of marzipan being in perfumes very often, though it really is a nice, sweet, candy scent.

I truly love the way it smells, but this is one of those scents were I love the way it makes me feel, too.  It doesn't necessarily have a spectacular cooling sensation when you apply it or anything like that, but it relaxes me almost instantly, and it feels as though all is right in the world.  Where Vera Wang perfume is clearly my "power perfume", this scent is one that I use to calm down, and feel like a beach bum.  And really, who doesn't want to feel that way in the summer?


  1. i LOVE my Hollister Body Spray!
    it's so refreshig :)




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