EOS Sweet Mint Balm

I've tried several EOS balms, and to be completely honest, most of them have been fairly unremarkable in my opinion.  True, they're quite adorable in their little egg-shaped packaging, but the formulation of most of them leaves something to be desired.  However, there is at least one exception that I've found, and that is the Sweet Mint Balm.

A while back, in a Current Empties video, I'd shown the second of these balms that I'd gone through, and have since gone one to my third balm.  I have several lip balms and treatments that I've tried to use up, and though I've attempted to refrain from any further purchases in this department, I've come to the conclusion that an EOS Sweet Mint balm simply must be in my makeup case at all times.  In fact, I actually prefer this balm to my Dior Crème de Rose balm - I'm not saying that it works better than Crème de Rose, as Crème de Rose is incredible, but when you consider the price of each product, the Sweet Mint balm simply offers a bit more "bang for your buck".

As I mentioned earlier, this is the only EOS balm that I've found that I'm fond of enough to repurchase (I've also tried Summer Fruit, Lemon Drop, and Strawberry Sorbet - which is my second favorite), but at about $3.00 a balm, it's not much of a gamble to try a few flavors out if a different balm tickles your fancy rather than this one.  They're also available in Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Honeysuckle Honeydew.  Have you tried any of them?  Which is your favorite?