Cricket's Favorite Things

Though he can be an incredible pain, most of you seem to absolutely adore Cricket (our bengal cat)!  In fact, I recently got a request to share with you some of Cricket's favorite toys, food, etc., so I did it straight away!  As an aside, I absolutely love doing request videos, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!

I will warn you before you start this video: Cricket is not a normal cat.  His favorite foods are his cat food, moths, and daddy longleg spiders, and he refuses to play with almost all toys catered to cats with the exception of a ball that has a jingle bell in it.  So, his favorite things aren't what most cats would find appealing.  Given that, this may actually be an entertaining video to watch!

Items mentioned:
Super Bouncy Balls
Jingle Bell Cat Toy Balls
Universal Remote Laser Light
Nerf Gun
Rudolph Stuffed Animal