Ciate's Baby Doll

A while back, I purchased Ciate's Dolls House Collection, thereby purchasing my very first Ciate polishes, and I believe I may be hooked.  Today I'm only talking about one of the polishes from this collection, but I can't guarantee that I won't end up talking about more of them later on.  This just happens to be the one I've been reaching for most so far this summer!

As it says in the title of this post, this polish is called Baby Doll, and is a gorgeous salmon pink color, that has a very pretty porcelain finish, just like all the other polishes in this collection.  For those of you that may be wondering what a porcelain finish is (I know I certainly was when I picked these up!), it's essentially a matte polish that tends to dry just a bit streaky, making it look like actual porcelain.

If you've been around this blog long enough, you probably already know that I love matte polishes (for proof, see my matte grey manicure!), and these are no exception!  Honestly, all of the polishes in this collection remind me of Sweet Tarts or candy necklaces when I'm wearing them.  I especially love this color, as it has just a hint of orange, and for some reason or another, I think most people tend to find themselves drawn more to orange and coral colors during the summer months.  I could certainly be wrong, though!

Much as I love this color, I do realize that it may be difficult to get your hands on, now.  So, if you are interested in achieving a similar manicure but can't get your mitts on this particular collection, you could certainly grab a similar salmon nail color, then haphazardly paint a matte top coat over it (I recommend the one from Revlon - it's amazing!).  As always, please be a dear, and let me know what you think of this manicure!