Anastasia Brow Powder in Auburn

I've never been particularly interested in taking care of my brows on a regular basis.  Sure, every once in a while, I'll tweeze them, but that's essentially where it ends.  I just never really got the hang of doing them, I guess.  However, I recently picked up the Anastasia Brow Powder in Auburn (my hair tends to come off more brown on camera, but it's got plenty of red in it!), and I think this one product has made a huge difference!

To begin with, I think I've really started to enjoy doing my brows thanks to the packaging of this product.  It's so elegant, lovely, and luxurious, it just begs to be used.  Of course, if it was just the packaging I loved, it still probably wouldn't get used.  The formulation is also quite nice, being nice and smooth, and easy to blend without being susceptible to smudging.

I tend to just use the darker color on the left to fill in my brows, and it looks so nice in comparison to my hair color!  Personally, I like to keep my hair a darker, more mahogany brown, which means I'll probably continue using this color, but in the summer, my hair does tend to get a little lighter thanks to the sun, which really brings out the red, so I imagine I'll get plenty of use out of the other shade, as well!

I can't really compare this to other products specifically meant for your brows, as the closest I've ever gotten is using a matte shadow to fill in my brows, then using the Maybelline clear mascara to keep them in place...but I wasn't ever very good at that routine, and I wasn't particularly satisfied with the result, either.  So, I'm afraid I can't say much else about this product, but I've been thoroughly enjoying it!