Revlon Sun Candy Nail Polish

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I reviewed one of the Revlon Nail Art polishes, and wasn't particularly enthusiastic about it.  I honestly don't know where that post went, and am therefore unable to direct you to it, were you interested in the details, but suffice it to say that I did not care for it.  However, when I did my first Everyday Princess videos on Elsa's Hair and Makeup from Frozen, I happened to take notice of a new kind of Nail Art from Revlon: their Sun Candy polishes.

In those videos, I wore the color Northern Lights from this particular line, and absolutely loved it (apparently some of you loved it too, as I got a lot of questions as to what it was)!  The color is so incredibly sparkly, which is not being translated via camera as well as I would care for, and it is actually very versatile.  Back when I did those videos, I was going for a look that was cold and icy - something wintery.  But, thanks to the light coloring of these polishes, they transition well into these warmer months, as well, and I absolutely adore wearing White Hot as a unique way to wear white polish during the summer!

They must have fixed the formulation of these polishes since the last time I used them as well.  The last polishes I'd used were very streaky, and dried oddly on my nails, but these ones are opaque very quickly, and have a nice, shiny finish.  Much, much better than before.  I would definitely give these my seal of approval!