Pink Elephant Cocktail

It seems that there are a number of girls nowadays that enjoy getting together and drinking wine as a sort of fun, girls' night out even (as long as you're of age!), and I must say that my friends and I are no different.  Though, we also quite enjoy our cocktails, so when my mom introduced me to a pink, fruity cocktail that makes use of a Moscato, I knew I had to share the recipe with you.

I do want to add a quick disclaimer, though, and mention that my mom found the original recipe on Pinterest, so I'm not sure who came up with it, or what it's original name might have been.  I simply decided to name it a Pink Elephant Cocktail, because I love elephants, and it has a lovely pink color.  Oh yes, and I love the joke behind it.  If you don't know what I'm talking about as far as the joke goes, simply google "Seeing pink elephants", and then watch Dumbo.  You'll never watch that movie the same way again.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, my mom found the original recipe on Pinterest, which I've included in this post, but I did have to put my own spin on it.  I truly love both versions, so if you are of legal age, try both out, and tell me which you like better (no hard feelings if you like the original, more!)!

Original Recipe:
2/3 bottle Moscato wine
6 cups lemonade
1/4 bottle of strawberry vodka

My Version:
2/3 bottle Pink Moscato Champagne (I like the Barefoot Bubbly)
6 cups pink lemonade
1/4 bottle of grapefruit vodka
splash of Sprite, Club Soda, or Grapefruit La Croix