June 27, 2014: Silent Auction Fundraiser

It's time for another daily vlog!  I haven't been very good about letting you lovely blog readers know when I've vlogged, but I have actually been doing really well, in that I've put up a video every day for over ten straight days!  Sure, this may not seem like that much, but as far as I'm concerned, it's amazing.  

It was a bit difficult to vlog much yesterday, since I was at work for most of the day, then ran off to a fundraising dinner and silent auction where I continued working!  The silent auction was a blast, though!  We had amazing food, incredible entertainment including a nyckelharpa player, and I even won my own little silent auction item!  I picked up a gift certificate for the eye clinic I go to, and a lovely pair of sunglasses!

I hope you're enjoying these daily snippets of my life, and if you are, please take a moment to subscribe to my vlog channel!  That way, you can know exactly when I put up a new video!