Batiste Wild Dry Shampoo

A good dry shampoo, I feel, is simply a necessary item to have in your arsenal.  In fact, I actually went a few weeks without my favorite dry shampoo, the Batiste Wild Dry Shampoo, and can easily say that my hair had a difficult couple weeks.  Dry shampoo in general is nice, as it can tide you over when you're trying to wash your hair less, leaving it nice and clean, and adding volume to hair that may have otherwise gone flat.

I've used a few drugstore dry shampoos that promise to leave your hair nice and clean, and also to give it some volume (something I desperately need), but the Batiste Dry Shampoo is really the only one I've found that actually does exactly that, and I use it every single day I don't wash my hair!  I suppose this is why those few weeks I went without it were so difficult!

I've really only tried the Batiste Wild Dry Shampoo, because it smells absolutely amazing.  It has a slightly oriental scent that is slightly erotic, but is still nice and light.  However, if the Wild version does not suit your sense of smell, you can certainly try one of their other scents,which include a Blush one that is a bit more floral, a Tropical one, Cherry, and several others - it seems that there's a scent to suit just about everyone!  If you've tried this dry shampoo before, I would love to know what you thought about it, so please do let me know in the comment section!  Also, what is your favorite scent?