Victoria's Secret Hello, Darling

So, before I get into how much I love this lotion, and how it smells really really good and all that, I have to make a quick confession: on my last trip to Victoria's Secret, I did go in with the intention of finding a scent that I really liked because it seemed like what all the cool kids were doing.  Then, like the old fashioned nerd that I am, I found myself drawn to Hello, Darling, as it reminded me of the Barbra Streisand film, Hello, Dolly - and Louis Armstrong's song of the same name (you can never forget about Louis!).

That being said, I do want to now talk about how amazing this lotion is.  It smells incredible - a nice blend of fruity scents and florals which makes it perfect for spring and summer, though I have to admit that I can't pick out a strictly white nectarine & peony scent as the label implies.  Perhaps it is just because my sense of smell is not refined enough, though.

As for how well it hydrates, I will say that it provides about as much hydration as I would have expected from a Bath & Body Works lotion or any other Victoria's Secret lotion.  It definitely helps smooth your skin, and leaves it softer than without it, but it's still not an incredibly potent lotion.  As I've said in some of my other posts and videos, I have very dry skin, though, and to keep it under control, I personally, would need a stronger formulation.

That certainly won't stop me from using it, though!  In fact, I find that it is a perfect, luxurious treat to my arms in the morning and evening, allowing me to enjoy the scent for hours after application, and I fully anticipate further purchases in this particular scent.  I do think that I achieved my goal of finding "my scent" from Victoria's Secret, and if you guys have had a chance to smell it, I hope you like it, too!