My New Glasses

Are you prepared for this?  Yes, I do wear glasses!  I've actually had to have some form of corrective lenses since I was in second grade, and I must say, my eyesight is horrid.  I'm not entirely sure where I fall in the 20/20 category, but it's quite bad, and I have a stigmatism in both eyes.  Joe has even taken to calling me an "inferior specimen" that couldn't survive a post-apocalyptic world (jokingly, of course!) because of my eyes.

I almost always wear my contacts, but I recently got a new pair to just have around the house, or to wear if my eyes get too tired, and I will say that I may start wearing them more, I love them so much!  If you feel like looking them up, they are the Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 481 in Havana Crystal. They have deep brown, tortoiseshell rims, and the temples are cream with what appear to either be dark brown leopard spots or lips.  I'm not entirely sure which they are, so I'm just going to assume that they are leopard spots (or coffee beans!  They do look like coffee beans, don't they?), but please tell me what you think they are in the comment section!

They're really comfortable, since the frames are entirely plastic, which is what I'm used to as far as my sunglasses go, and the lenses themselves are big enough so that I can actually see with them on.  The lenses on my last pair of glasses were so small that it was really uncomfortable to wear them much, since I could only see a small amount.  If you've worn glasses before, maybe you've had a similar experience.  Either way, I love them!  What do you think?


  1. They're super cute :) I think the print can go either way (lips, coffee beans? haha) Either way, they are cool! I also wear glasses because just like you I am super blind haha I always wear my glasses at home since my contacts can get quite dry if I have them in all day long :)

    xoxo, Adela

  2. I have bad eyesight as well. I found out that wearing glasses around the house is much more comfortable than contact lenses. I don't particularly feel uncomfortable wearing contacts, but I just think they're more appropriate and easier to wear outside the house. Anyway, I hope you like your new glasses. Enjoy! :)

    Penn Moody @ Moody Eyes


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