May Flowers

I adore girly, vintage styles - I'm sure you've gathered this by now.  So, when I found the pattern for my vintage-styled Cabled Cardigan with Flowers, I knew the outfit that I styled around it had to be just that: feminine, girly, and frilly without being too over the top.  After all, the cardigan itself has enough flowers and frills!

Playing off the flower theme of the cardigan, I decided to pair it with this pretty lace dress from Dailylook that is decorated with leaves rather than flowers.  Just as an aside, this particular lace dress came in black, red, light blue, and the beautiful baby pink that I actually purchased, and it took me forever to actually decide on the one color I wanted!  Really, I would probably wear all of them all the time if only I had the funding for such a thing.

Since the flowers and leaves were all very natural elements, I decided to stick with that theme in my jewelry, but you know I had to add a little sparkle.  So, I added my Dreamcatcher necklace which was also from Dailylook and my absolute favorite J. Crew bracelet - I seriously wear this bracelet all the time.  I love how girly this outfit is, and it will certainly be a staple in my wardrobe all spring!

The Details
Dress: Dailylook
Cardigan: Vogue Knitting
Necklace: Dailylook
Bracelet: J. Crew
Shoes: Just Fab
Bag: Deux Lux