J. Crew Bracelets

Typically, when I'm on the lookout for new jewelry, I like to go to stores like Forever 21, Target, and even Walmart.  You see, for a majority of my life, I have been one of those people that are very good at losing things, and simply didn't want to spend much on something that would end up who knows where.

However, on one of my first trips into a J. Crew store, I spotted the tan and rhinestoned bracelet you can see in the picture above, and fell in love with it.  It was simple, elegant and sophisticated, and in a neutral palette that I could wear with essentially every item of clothing that I owned.  Granted, it was more than the $3 to $10 mark I prefer, but at the time I hadn't (and really still haven't) lost anything that I know of, so I figured it was a safe purchase.

As I'm sure you've by now deduced, I loved the bracelet.  I loved it so much, in fact, that I found it necessary to purchase an additional one, which is where the black and rhinestone bracelet comes in.  Although I still wear the original more, I love the new one just as much.  They are both such nicely made stretch bracelets with thick cording that holds up well, and even the metal feels nice and sturdy.

The clear appeal of these bracelets has to come from their elegant, old fashioned flair, though.  I love modern fashion, but there's something to be said about modest pieces that still pack a punch, which is what I think these bracelets do.  Yes, I think this is the beginning of a wonderful love affair with J. Crew - especially their bracelets.  Perhaps I'll have to branch out into other jewelry pieces, soon, as well!