Elf Liquid Eyeliner

I can't say that I typically get incredibly excited about eyeliner.  Perhaps it's just that up until now, I hadn't found one that I cared for enough, but I am quite excited about the Elf Liquid Eyeliner.  From the outside, it just looks like your basic, run of the mill, black liquid eyeliner - something you could get from any makeup brand you can think of.  But, it's not.

First of all, let's get the most exciting fact about this eyeliner out of the way: it costs $1.00.  That's it!  If you happened to grow up during the early 2000s, you might remember that gel pens used to cost a dollar, too.  Due to inflation, I've no idea what the going rate on a gel pen is anymore, but I certainly remember thinking at the time that it was a fairly reasonable price, and this is for an eyeliner!  One that actually works well, to boot.

It has a very thin brush that allows for a great deal of precision, and the formula is nice and smooth, creating a lovely dark line that goes where you intend it to (my intention still seems to be to make my eyes look uneven, though...).  Oh, and I forgot to mention!  It lasts all day without smudging!  I wouldn't recommend rubbing your eyes to test it, of course, but I don't suppose you really shouldn't be doing that, anyway.

Normally, I would say that the next time you're at Target, or wherever else sells Elf products, you should at least check it out, see what you think, etc.  However, this time I would just recommend going and purchasing your own!  It really is that amazing, and the price really couldn't be much better!


  1. Hey Megan! I agree this liner is pretty amazing and a bargain! I love most Elf products :)) BTW I watch your youtube channel as well and love it! Ive been meaning to start one as well but i dont know if I would have the courage haha! You're awesome though :) Hope we can be friends!

    xoxo, Adela

    1. Hey Adela! It really is amazing! I just picked up the coffee colored one the other day, and I've been loving that one for spring, too! You should definitely start a channel! It's so much fun!

    2. Oh I need a brown color too! Maybe I will stop by target or order it online sometime soon :)

      Maybe I will :) Not any time soon though haha What type of camera do you use?

    3. Mine is a Nikon D3200 - it's amazing!


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