Almond Latte Obsession

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that Joe and I have a slight coffee/latte/cappuccino obsession.  It's actually gotten bad enough where we had to upgrade our espresso machine to a lovely Breville one that I think is gorgeous, and pick up some syrup flavors to add to our lattes.  Up until recently, we rotated between vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel - all flavors I love.  But then, we had some friends over, and they were kind enough to get us hooked on another flavor - almond!

As we were drinking our first almond lattes with our friends, we had a rather long conversation about flavors.  For example, flavors like chocolate and peanut butter are typically thought of as rich, savory, staple flavors - at least in our world - and almond is typically forgotten.  However, it has the same richness as those other flavors, and in many cases, is a pleasant shift from the norm.

Although I admit that I am just as forgetful when it comes to almond flavoring, I personally would much prefer an almond cake to a plain white one, and I love almond macaroons!  Also, for those of you that are legally allowed to drink, have you heard of anyone that doesn't love amaretto? 

Given this, I'm honestly quite surprised that I hadn't even considered an almond latte until our friends brought it over!  Unfortunately, I now have a new almond latte obsession that likely won't be quenched for quite a while - not that I'd want it to!