OPI's You Don't Know Jacques!

Does anyone remember a while back when almost everyone was raving about the color, You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI?  I do, because they was right about the same time that I fell in love with a color from the same OPI collection, Tickle My France-y (still my all-time favorite nail color, ever), and really had next to no interest in it.  However, while out shopping recently, I happened to spot it again, and figured that I might as well try it out - after all, plenty of people have seemed to like it at one point or another, and I've actually had a few people try to tell me that Tickle My France-y and You Don't Know Jacques! were really similar.

They are not.  They aren't actually even close.  Tickle My France-y  is a lovely violet-pink color with a hint of grey, so it makes for a nice, neutral color you can wear all year round, where You Don't Know Jacques! is more of a purple-brown that looks slightly rebellious without being too dramatic, while at the same time maintaining some form of ladylike charm that I simply can't describe.  In fact, the closest I can get is that it reminds me of those really old fur coats that actresses from Old Hollywood would wear, like Lucille Ball, Jane Russell, and Marilyn Monroe.

If you weren't in on the craze back then, please do me a favor and check this polish out!  I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised!  And if you were in the initial You Don't Know Jacques! fan club, and still have it in your collection, give it another go!  Sometimes, I need a little reminder about the amazing colors in my collection, so this is yours!