DKNY Be Delicious London

I can feel it!  My senses are finally changing after all these cold winter months, and my attraction to those spicy scents and warm bakery aromas are finally being replaced by a love of all things fruity and floral.  Which is why it's probably no surprise that I would be reaching for more flowery perfumes, like my DKNY Be Delicious London.

This was one of my only spur of the moment perfume purchases, since it seems that a typical perfume costs upwards of $60 a bottle, but I truly love it, and it's perfect for springtime.  It has a lovely, romantic scent to it that would be so nice for a casual date, though it is definitely not a nighttime scent.  Its top notes consist of green apple (common in most, if not all DKNY perfumes) and hyacinth, while its heart is comprised of black currant bud, honeysuckle, and English roses.  Finally, the base of this perfume is made up of vetiver and amber.

Personally, I can smell the roses best, which seems to be a common occurrence for most people.  I love roses, so this is quite nice for me, and I can also smell the black currant bud fairly well, which gives it a nice little air of mystery.  I can't actually smell the green apple very well at all, which I can't say I'm too disappointed about.  If it's there, my sense of smell is just not sophisticated enough to pull it out, and I'll just enjoy the aroma regardless!  Do you have a favorite scent for spring and summer?  What do you favor?