I love old movies - love them!  Therefore, I figured that as this blog is really just about a bunch of things I like, it only made sense to write about them, and let you guys know what some of my absolute favorites are.  I also just recently watched Casablanca, and just really wanted to write about it.  I can't say that it is my absolute favorite classic movie of all time - you'll know that one when I write about it - but that doesn't mean it's not an amazing film!

Casablanca is one of those movies that a lot of people know about, even if they haven't actually seen it, or don't know that they know about it.  For example, if you've ever been on the Great Movie Ride at Walt Disney World, you might remember a black and white scene where a man and a woman are standing in front of an airplane that's ready to take off - that is a reference to Casablanca.  It's also famous for some of its lines, like "Here's looking at you, kid" or "We'll always have Paris", among many, many others.  Oh, and have you heard the song, As Time Goes By?  Yep, also from Casablanca!

Released in 1943, it takes place in the city of Casablanca, in 1941, and is about World War II.  This was crazy to me, as World War II did not officially end until later in 1945, and this film was definitely pro-Allied forces.  Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergan, the movie is about a man, Rick (played by Bogart), that has to choose between keeping the woman he loves, Ilsa (played by Bergman), or helping her and her husband, Victor Laszlo, escape Casablanca and get to America before the Nazis capture them.

It's an amazing movie, and I would highly recommend it!  It's a classic for a reason!

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