L.A. Colors Scented Nail Polish Remover

I love doing my nails, but my fiancé gets a headache every single time I use regular nail polish remover.  So, when I was wandering through my local grocery store and found these scented polish remover pads, I figured I'd give them a go, and see how Joe's head held up.  They smell really nice and fruity, and didn't bother him at all.  In fact, I don't think he even knew I was doing my nails!  Even though they have a nice scent, and don't bother the boy, I do have to say that there are still a few hang ups.  They don't take your nail polish off quite as fast, which is fine for me, as I like to take my time with essentially all of my "beauty rituals", and they also leave behind a greasy residue, so you will definitely want to wash your hands after using these.  

However, these two points aside, I have actually really fallen in love with them, and intend to continue using them!  If you're not a fan of lemon or strawberry, but still want to try them, fear not!  These polish remover pads also come in grape, peach, melon, and pear, so you have plenty of scents to try!  As for me, I think I'll have to go for peach or pear next...