Matte Grey Manicure

A while ago on Pinterest, I saw what I decided was one of the prettiest, simplest manicures I'd ever seen.  It was just a matte grey polish on all the nails, but it looked so fitting for autumn, and I fell in love with it.  Unfortunately, it was towards the end of winter when I saw it, so I didn't feel like it would have been an appropriate manicure to wear.

Original Inspiration

Now that it's fall again, though, I decided I had to try it out, and I'm so in love with it.  Matte polishes just seem to add such a unique element to a manicure.  The specific colors I used are L'Oreal's Greycian Goddess, which is a darker grey with just a slight, steel blue undertone, then finished it off with Revlon's matte top coat.  Yes, it is an incredibly easy manicure, and these colors are really easy to get your hands on.  No limited edition nonsense here.

I'm sure this isn't the most interesting post for you to read but I really cannot stop looking at my nails, which is reason enough to write about it.  They look almost cold like concrete, but at the same time, it also reminds me of a cozy cashmere sweater.  I love it!

My version

What is your favorite manicure to wear?  Let me know in the comment section below, even if you think other people would find it boring.  The one I'm sharing with you today certainly isn't decked out with rhinestones or studs or anything.  Though, I can see studs being really pretty with this.  Hmm...