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Joe (my fiance) hates the whole idea of nail polish - he hates the smell of it, the smell of the nail polish remover, that he can't hold my hand or in any way jostle me for any length of time after I've painted them - he just really, truly despises it.  I can even try to paint my nails right when I get home, which is at least an hour or two before he gets off work, and he can still smell it!  I tell you,  he's got quite the sniffer.

So, when I was wandering around the drugstore recently, I started looking at the ImPress Press-On Manicures by Broadway, and thought I'd try them out, since as the name implies, all you have to do is press them onto your nails, and you're done.  No smell, no glue, nothing.  Plus, they come in a lot of pretty colors nowadays.  I remember when they came out their selection was pretty limited to a French manicure and maybe some solid colors, but now they also have designs like this pretty pink one with glitter (that matches the scarf I was wearing perfectly!) and I've even seen some fun Halloween designs, too!

As far as the actual application went, it was really very easy.  You figure out which nails fit your own digits best, peel off the backing, press on your nails, and you're done!  Really, the only part that took any length of time was filing down the nails so they had a rounded tip, rather than the rounded edged ones they come in.  Maybe it's just me, but I think the rounded nails look so much more natural, and they don't get snagged on quite as much.  Clearly, this is just a personal preference, though, and I won't hold that against these nails. 

It seemed that fiance didn't mind these nails, either.  He didn't have to sit through rounds of acetone and nail polish, and he was free to hold my hand as much as he wanted!  That isn't to say he actually voiced that he liked it, of course.  His silence about the whole matter was approval enough!

So, have I converted to these press-on manicures that last a week and don't bother Joe's nose?  Well, not entirely.  I still love my nail polishes, but I can definitely see myself wearing these more.  After all, they last up to a week, and I could probably leave them on longer than that without having them fall off or chip or anything, but I don't particularly want to ruin my nails.

Have you tried these nails before?  What did you think?

Let me know in the comment section!


  1. Those are really pretty! I did a review on Impress nails as well but I had those hot pink ones!

    xoxo, Adela


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