JustFab September Pick

To be honest, even though I'm signed up with JustFab.com, I don't usually pick up anything new.  Most of the time, I even skip the month without looking at what they have available, because I don't feel like spending money.  This month, however, I decided to use my account to purchase a new pair of boots, because last year I wore out all my boots to the point of death - literally.  I had this amazing pair of Steve Maddens, and the sole actually came off the rest of the shoe.

So, clearly a new pair of boots was a necessity.  I had originally thought I'd get some riding boots, because I've never actually owned a pair, but I always love them on other people.  Then, I found these Davina boots, which are basically the black version of all the brown boots I owned last year, including those Steve Maddens I told you about.  Yeah, maybe I'm not stepping out of my comfort zone on this one, but in the words of Liv from "Bride Wars" - one of my current favorite movies - "It's a classic.  If it works, you work it hard."

As you can see, they are taller boots with a slight slouch to them, and a bow detail at the top.  When I was looking at the bows on the website, I thought they were just decorative, but they do actually adjust to hold the tops to your leg, allowing you to control the amount of "slouchiness" you want from them.  They have a 3 1/2" heel on them, which I think is the perfect heel height for the colder months.  Much as I love them, my high, high heels tend to get a break around this time of year due to the threat of ice.

I absolutely love these, just as I've loved their predecessors, and I know I'll get a lot of use out of them.  It's so easy to dress them up with a skirt or heavy leggings, or go a little more casual with some skinny jeans.  They're perfect for my lifestyle, which is probably why I keep coming back to them.  If you are on JustFab and picked out something new this month, let me know what it was in the comment section below, and if you aren't, tell me about your "classic" shoe.  I'm sure we all have one that we keep coming back to, even when we know we should step out of our comfort zone every once in a while!