Favorite Autumn Shoes

Being that I started this as a beauty AND fashion blog, I've come to the realization that I haven't really talked about fashion much at all.  Now that we're getting into the cooler fall and winter months, though, that will be changing.  I absolutely love fall and winter fashion, because it always feels a little more elegant and rich, with just a bit of edginess thrown in.  As someone that likes to overdress for absolutely everything, this kind of style is perfect for me.

So, today I wanted to talk about a recent addition to my shoe collection that I'm sure I'll be wearing nonstop these upcoming months, whether I'm wearing them to work, or even out on the town.  They are these beautiful pointed-toe Mary Jane heels from Dana Buchman that I picked up at Kohl's for $48.99.  I have been absolutely loving the color burgundy recently, and that is actually what I first noticed about these.  Plus, I've been looking for a mid-heel, pointed to shoe to wear while I'm at work, and it was this fact that convinced me to bring them home.

They have an almost Western-styled toe in patent leather, with matching detailing on the heel and top of the shoe, while the body is actually made of wool, which will make these little babies perfect for winter, as well as fall - living in Minnesota means winter comes fast.  I can already see myself wearing these with some nice grey or black dress pants, or with some knit tights and a pretty sweaterdress - even just some dark wash jeans and a nice top would look amazing with these!

Well, until next time, Happy Autumn, everyone!  If you have a favorite pair of shoes for the fall and winter months, leave a link to a picture of them in the comment section below!  Who knows?  They might end up being my favorite, too!