Cheap Chic: Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

Maybe it's just me, but whenever there's a new "holy grail" Maybelline mascara, I tend to just roll my eyes.  They have an insane amount of mascaras, and I find most of them to be too wet for my taste.  Then, after hearing about it from more and more people, I cave in and eventually try it out, like the mascara that currently seems to be all the rage: Maybelline's Big Eyes mascara.

The main selling point for this mascara is that it is dual-ended with one side for your upper lashes, and the other for your lower lashes.  The formula itself is also supposed to give your lashes that big, babydoll look.  I haven't actually had anything specifically made for my lower lashes, so that was what I was most excited about with this mascara.

As for the formula, I can't really tell the difference between many of the Maybelline mascaras.  They all just feel kind of the same to me, which, as I said, it too wet for my taste.  But, this one definitely didn't clump as much as the other mascaras I've tried from them, and I quite liked how they made my eyelashes look nice and defined, but still slightly whispy.  My favorite part of this mascara, though, was the brush.  Both the upper and lower brushes have fiber bristles rather than plastic, which helps to make sure your lashes get thoroughly coated.  I typically like the plastic bristles more, but I really do like the finish these particular ones gave.  Also, now that I've tried out a brush for my lower lashes, it might be very difficult to go back to using regular brushes.  The smaller spool is so easy to use, and makes sure that the mascara stays on the lashes where it's supposed to.

So, do I think this is a "holy grail" mascara?  Well, probably not for me, necessarily.  I definitely enjoy using it, and I love how it makes my lashes look, but from what I've seen, Maybelline just makes really wet mascaras.  They get better the more you use them, and they start to dry out, but I just can't quite get over that little hump to say that it is perfect.  However, it is much better than I thought it would be, and if you like the wetter mascaras, I would say that this might just be perfect for you.  Plus, as a drugstore product, it is relatively inexpensive, and readily available!

Have you tried this mascara, yet?  What do you think about it?  Also, if you have any recommendations for any other "Cheap Chic" posts, let me know in the comment section below!  I love trying out new drugstore products, but I definitely need suggestions.  If you have a favorite drugstore mascara or know of one that I might like, please let me know!