Welcome to Megan and Pearls

What girl doesn't love a pretty pearl?

Oh, pearls.  Such lovely little gemstones, but if you think about it, they're also God's proof to us that it's the hardships and little annoyances that can truly make life beautiful.  After all, a pearl is really just a piece of sand that's annoyed an oyster long enough that the oyster has had to deal with it.

Life may not always be as pretty as we'd like to think it is - as we speak I'm steaming out a cardigan that didn't get hung up in time while simultaneously trying to fend off our little Bengal who desperately wants to cuddle up against my black work pants.  However, if we work at it, we can still make something beautiful out of what we've been given.  After all, even though my morning maybe hasn't gone as smoothly as I'd like it to, I'm still thankful that I have a place to go to work everyday and if my little Cricket's ever in trouble or strays a little too far away from home when we go outside to play, you can bet mama will be literally running over to help him, and he'll get all the cuddles he wants once the danger has passed.

I'm sure by now you're a little confused.  You're thinking, 'Wait, isn't this supposed to be a beauty and fashion blog?  What's all this talk about oysters?'  Well, even though this is still a beauty and fashion blog, I want it to be even more than that.  If you've stumbled upon this blog you either know me in person, or you thoroughly enjoy beautiful things just as much as I do.  But, take a look around you.  There is beauty everywhere.  We just have to be like oysters, and deal with that piece of sand.

There is beauty even in the ordinary

Welcome to Megan and Pearls - I hope you like it here. :)



  1. I just found your blog while was looking through coments on Dreamin Blush blog. I love pearls as well! Your blog is beautiful Megan and I'll be regular visitor(follower) =)

    1. Aw, thank you, Louisa! I really appreciate that!

  2. What a lovely, different welcome post! I love reading your blog, especially about the ingredients in the products you review - so helpful. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Bethany! I'm glad you like it!


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